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5 essential things you need to know about the weather in New Zealand

Auckland City, Waitemata Harbour, Rangitoto Island

Many people visiting New Zealand get caught out with our weather.  Even one of New Zealand’s famous bands, Crowded House wrote a song called Four Seasons in One Day.  The consequences can be dire but equally if you prepare correctly the time of your life beckons!  Don’t judge the simplicity of the following list;   

It is changeable
 - As per my first observation, four seasons in one day.  One minute there’s a raging rain storm and the next the sun is out and you find yourself peeling off the layers

It is extreme
 - In the South island in particular we have one of those awesome weather phenomenons  the fohn (pronounced fern) effect.  A big contributor to this effect are the mighty Southern Alps.  The result is that the temperatures on the eastern side of the divide can reach the 30’s (celsius) and then within an hour a cold southerly change comes through and the temperature can drop 10 - 15 deg C!  

Top 5 reasons why you must stay at these places...

The Fairways Kaikoura

Let's be honest, a great bed and cleanliness has to be at the top of the list.  This is what we expect at 5 Days and it is a given for these accommodation providers.  Find out the other major element they all have in common...

Tourist's Driving On Our Roads Here To Stay

Your 5 Days Friendly Driver/Guide!

This is a self-serving this blog!  My message is “take a load off the perils of driving and take a tour with 5 Days”!  But really the hidden message is let's take a step back, breath and not overreact when you see bad driving...

In essence, let’s work together and put a stop to road rage especially when visitors to our shores are concerned.  After all, Tourism is arguably our biggest export earner and therefore incredibly important to our economy.

The route of the problem isn't someone forgetting to indicate, for example, it's more in-depth than that.  There's usually more going on in the life of the aggrieved, like pressures at work or relationship problems and when someone forgets to indicate it's the spark that ignites that built up angst. Take Christchurch for example where before the earthquakes road rage was a foreign term only experienced for those that dare visit our largest city, Auckland.  Since the earthquakes and the pressures that have resulted, Christchurch is now rife.

Why Christchurch is a must do!

It’s a bit daunting writing your first blog.  You’d think it would be pretty simple writing about something you are passionate about.  So let’s give this a try - read on Team 5!

Our 5 Day trips start and finish in Christchurch, the best little city in the South Island if not New Zealand.  It makes sense then, that we give Christchurch a plug to entice people to stay longer and see something very very unique that is slowly being lost.   We are especially appealing to people from Australia and our friends in the North Island, in particular Aucklanders.  Flights are relatively cheap, start by taking a look at Air New Zealand.

This scribe has grown up in Kaiaua just south of Auckland and now resides in Christchurch, Canterbury.  If you are from New Zealand you will understand the play on words when I call myself the “One Eyed Jafa”.  If you are an International guest, please be sure to ask a local what is meant by a One Eyed Cantabrian and a Jafa!