Our vision and approach

About 5days Tours of the South Island

Our vision and approach

Regardless of where you’re from we believe travel should be inspiring, extraordinary and fun.

In 5 days you can see a lot of our country – and the most wonderful thing? This land of the long white cloud offers enough five days experiences to last you a lifetime.

Kiwi Adventures. The video.

On the road. The experience.

For 5 Days founder, Brent de Jongh (a 5th generation New Zealander!), it began with an accidental midlife crisis at the age of 30. Realising New Zealand was his true passion he ditched a successful sales career and followed a new career (and road) path as a driver and tour guide.

Irrespective of where he went, from the frenetic madness of rush-hour Auckland to the grandeur and beauty wide-open spaces of the New Zealand countryside, Brent knew this road was his home.

Becoming a driver for a leading backpacker bus company he relished the enthusiasm and excitement from international visitors as they first cast their eyes on the incredible landscapes of New Zealand. But this all-encompassing passion was tempered with a logistical reality, and he learned many lessons about life on the road and organising group travel.

After a stint back in the corporate world working for a division of Tourism New Zealand, Brent’s experience of NZ travel and tourism was complete. Emerging with a 360-degree view of the visitor experience he was ready to create his own unique travel guided tour service.

The approach. Our service.

Today, 5 Days offers a range of South Island, New Zealand sightseeing tours for active travellers from here at home and around the world. By hand picking the best locations,  great accommodation,  excellent food, wine and activities, 5 Days delivers tours with a passion for all things New Zealand.

We continue to expand our operations with bespoke tours, itinerary planning and unique experiences. Open to suggestion and inspiration, we take pride in matching the travel undertaking to the individual.


The mindset. Our belief.

What can you do in 5 days? In 5 days, you can get far enough away from home but not that far away you need to call in a house sitter.  A 5 day journey offers enough time to catch some sun, but not enough time to write a novel. 

We think 5 days is the perfect amount of time to take a break from the everyday and visit somewhere new, somewhere extraordinary. It’s the perfect amount of time to completely unwind, become inspired and, at journey’s end, to start planning the next trip around the South Island of New Zealand…

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Our Vehicles

5days-short-tours.jpgWe believe the best kind of travel must be stylish, comfortable and personable. As well as the above Mercedes-Benz E550 or as we like to call it “The Silver Bullet” or just “The Bullet” for short, we have Mercedes-Benz Sprinter minivans that provide the highest level of comfort for small group sightseeing. These vehicles offer huge windows, so you don’t miss a second of the amazing view. There’s plenty of height, lots of legroom and, with a maximum 11 passengers, you can strike up a chat or take time out to reflect.