5 essential things you need to know about the weather in New Zealand

Auckland City, Waitemata Harbour, Rangitoto Island

Many people visiting New Zealand get caught out with our weather.  Even one of New Zealand’s famous bands, Crowded House wrote a song called Four Seasons in One Day.  The consequences can be dire but equally if you prepare correctly the time of your life beckons!  Don’t judge the simplicity of the following list;   

It is changeable
 - As per my first observation, four seasons in one day.  One minute there’s a raging rain storm and the next the sun is out and you find yourself peeling off the layers

It is extreme
 - In the South island in particular we have one of those awesome weather phenomenons  the fohn (pronounced fern) effect.  A big contributor to this effect are the mighty Southern Alps.  The result is that the temperatures on the eastern side of the divide can reach the 30’s (celsius) and then within an hour a cold southerly change comes through and the temperature can drop 10 - 15 deg C!  

It is humid
- Welcome to Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city.  The months of February and March can be rather sticky and hot in places that I will leave to your imagination!  It's no wonder with the city literally surrounded by water, with just under 2 km’s between the Tasman sea and the Pacific Ocean at the narrowest point.

It is wet
- With the fohn effect kicking in, it stands to good reason that on the western side of the Southern Alps it rains ridiculous amounts.  In fact at one of the natural wonders of the world, the Milford Sound, it rains approximately 70% of the time.  Bring on the waterfalls!  So spectacular!  Weirdly the West Coast of the South Island tends to have more fine weather in the winter...  

It is dry
- One of the furthest places from the ocean in New Zealand is a town called Alexandra in the South Island.  The land is parched and barren, however with rivers running through the valley’s makes the area perfect for fruit growing.  With temperatures continually topping the New Zealand weather charts in the summer, this is the ultimate place to dry your undies/underwear (in other words your washing)!  Conversely though the winters are decidedly nippy/cold.

It doesn’t matter when you visit New Zealand as each season brings a special kind of beauty.  The best weather website however is www.metservice.co.nz It will give you everything you need to know from what’s happening in the mountains to how big the waves will be at sea along with what’s happening in the cities.  

The big tip we at 5 Days would like to share with you is to remember/learn the song...Four Seasons In One Day.  Maybe for the sake of people near your, perhaps start off by humming it...